Whitney Cerak

We, the Cerak family, are elated beyond description at Whitney’s return home. It is so much more than we ever imagined three months ago.We would like to restate our plans of not speaking to the media. There is still much on the road to Whitney’s full recovery. We want to thank the media for the respect they have shown of our privacy in this time. And ask that the same courtesy given us would be extended to our family and friends.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

"But as for me,I will always have hope;I will praise you more and more. My mouth will tell of your righteousness, of your salvation all day long, though I know not its measure. I will come and proclaim your mighty acts, O Sovereign Lord; I will proclaim your righteousness, yours alone." Psalm 71:14-16

Whitney had a good day and an emotional night. Weekends around here are very laid back. The usual 7:30 breakfast turned into a 9:30 breakfast. Carly read out loud and started our day with God. Whitney liked the quiteness of the morning and fell back asleep. We woke her up at noon when her lunch came because we were ready to go outside and enjoy the day. We ate outside then took a long walk. We came in and read cards. She smiled as we read the notes and remembered special things about the friends that wrote. She gave me a scare when helping her to the bathroom she fainted as she stood up. The nurses took her blood pressure and said it was normal to have this happen if you stand up to quickly after laying down. Whitney had a special treat when a friend who works here brought her some movies to watch. We haven't had a TV in the room so she was excited to watch a movie. We all settled in and watched the movie passing the time till Sandra, Matt and Newell would come back to the hospital.

We were all gathered around the bed talking and having a great conversation. Whitney was happy and talking in full sentences when her mood got somber. She began to tell us that she was in a dream and she was waiting for her roommate to wake her up. She is now becoming more aware of lost time and can't fill in the blanks. This frightens her and was difficult to watch. The nurse assured us this was typical of somebody with TBI. We have so much to learn, continue to pray for us. Pray for Whitney as she gains more memory. Even through this hard time Whitney's humor showed for a second. We told her we were each going to pray for her and when her dad started praying she interupted and said "a short one".

I've been nervous to write on the blog as I am not the writer of the family but I have so much love and thankfulness for all of you. I know your prayers are making a huge difference in our lives and how we handle each day. I also see the amazing day to day improvements. My hope continues to be firmly rooted in God.

With love,
Whitneys mom


Blogger I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

Oh, Colleen...you are the writer of the blog, as much as anyone...and you wrote your love on Whitney's heart as you raised her and now as you help "raise" her again...

Praying for you all...


8:49 AM  
Anonymous magbread@aol.com said...

Our prayers for Whitney -- and all who are close to her -- continue through her recovery. Your courage and faith are an inspiration to our family.

In Christ,
Mary Anne Butters
Greens Fork, IN

9:46 AM  

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